“The collection is filled with strong insights and shows the clear work of a skillful writer.”

In this second collection, J.S. Campbell gives voice to the unheard, exploring isolation, detachment, and the longing for meaning. The poems travel time and space, from modern and ancient wars in the Middle East, to the declining natural world, from struggles in the LGBTQ communities, to the American west, and the systematic atrocities committed against Native Americans. These are stories of life, death, and an earth in crisis, but they also remain personal, human, and at times, autobiographical. Which is which? That may be an unanswerable question, but the journey is thought provoking along the way.

Praise for On Driftwood and Oblivion

“Written as simply as Ernest Hemingway himself, Campbell’s poetry is wrought with the same depth and thought-provoking fluency. They give voice to the unique struggles people face in light of their experiences.”
– Laine Crosby, NY Times Bestselling Author

“Shows skill with selecting specific, evocative moments from life, and there are strokes of genius in lines like ‘stress fractures the calm of night’ which pulls the word ‘fracture’ in two directions, both noun and verb at once.”
– Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Award Judges

“An eclectic blend of emotions and themes that take you down a riveting journey. Everybody needs a copy at their bedside. Can’t wait to read more from this author!” – Amazon Reviews

“From the titles, to the satire along the way, to the clever endings, beautifully written. Bravo.”
– Robin Alexander, Author & Professor of Literature

Publications and Notices

From the Writer’s Digest judges – “Filled with strokes of genius in the lines that call on evocative moments from life, depicting the ‘gritty details’ and contrasting them with the perseverance of beauty.”

A Best Emerging Poet – 2019 – Virginia’s Best Emerging Poets 2019 Anthology