Across the Delta and into the Jungle

The tide of our fathers, violent and flowing

How you tried not to lead us so astray

The napalmed memories, forever glowing

Haunt the dawn’s misty start to each new day


Life’s redeeming waters, flowing on the delta patrol

How the sweat beaded, endlessly dripping and tense

Fear of the sunlight fading, losing the grip on our soul

Time would tell us, the night’s flashes never made sense


One must run through the jungle of ticking time

How we avoided the trip wires of pain

Only to lose the innocence of our prime

Long discarded medals, can’t hide the stain


So many of us etched, for all to forever see

Peace has overtaken the sandbags of struggle

Some watch the tears, and simply decide to let it be

Others return, forever into the jungle

By J.S. Campbell © 2018

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