Well, That Just Happened

Another mid-term election and another meet the new boss, same as the old boss moment. Here are some key takeaways.

The Republicans maintained the Senate and the Democrats “seized” the House as more than one media outlet put it, as if it were the D-Day invasion. With all the combative terms used by the press, its no wonder that polls show voters throwing the press into the blame game for divisiveness.

One bit of intrigue was when Fox News had called the House for the Democrats long before other news outlets, which drew swift attacks from both extremes that Fox must be plotting to stop voters in the west. No, as it turned out, they had just created a better and more accurate system for calling the election.

Blue waves, red walls, flips, backlash, rebukes, the press will feast for days on the “sweeping” changes to come with the Democrats in control of the House.


Not surprisingly, the headlines are not touting what great legislation the Democrats will work to pass for the American people but instead how they will spend their time spending tax payer money for new and endless investigations and impeachments. It will be “off with their heads” time in the nation’s capital.

So, really there is no new news here. It’s business as usual in Washington DC. The incoming members will be quickly indoctrinated with partisan hatred, and will immediately begin planning how they will maintain power, attack the enemy and make sure that nothing worthwhile gets accomplished.

There are, however, some significant changes coming to our daily lives. Commercial air time will be changing drastically. I don’t think I fast forwarded through a single non-political ad while watching Jeopardy for months. Yes, and our home phone will finally be quieting down during football Sunday and well, just about every other time during the waking hours.

I was increasingly annoyed but then started to feel bad for one candidate, whose campaign organization seemed to think we lived in their district and wanted to make sure we got to the polls and voted for him. The robo-version of himself called at least 3 times a day for the last week.

I just wished one of our two candidates for Congress would have dropped by for a chat, going door to door, the old-fashioned way. I would still like to talk to the our newly elected incoming house member that flipped a seat. It probably will never happen. We will just receive direct mail pieces touting the great things being accomplished by her.

We did get one call from a live person that wanted to know who I was voting for. I became curious as to which candidate they were calling for, so I asked her who she wanted me to vote for. She kind of chuckled but maintained her caller’s duty and told me that I should vote for whomever I thought would do a good job. I told her thanks, but I guess I should still vote for one of the two anyway. And so, I did.

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