A Lion and the Mountain complete poem

A Lion sauntered down off Mt. Kilimanjaro
Neither thinking of yesterday nor of tomorrow
Shaking the dust off a clear and hot December ‘morn
Another dry season for the hoofed ones to be born

Then there were two footed, but not to be concerned
They brought danger not ignored, distance kept, respect earned
Who was king the Lion thought, depended on the day
For when the mountain snows would come, neither had a say

To the scrubland or the forest, the sun would end soon
And the night would belong, to the mountain of the moon
With both water and food on the mind, which would come first
A striped one would come down, then on to concern for thirst

Violence in the grasslands, a simple way of life
Mixed with peace, over the rift valley of wanton strife
The great fire lowers, another portion of light earned
Watching and waiting, together the darkness discerned

Dancing lights flicker, two footed is not made for night
Too bad the Lion thought, nothing is presumed in light
The waters babble, leaves rustle and the pawed one’s cry
In a perfect dance, as Mawenzi cradles the sky

Sometimes alone, but no loneliness in solitude
All are together in longitude and latitude
At night sometimes, peace comes and yet never comes with sleep
The dreams of survival, like the mountain snows, run deep

The mountain glows as a new day’s life begins to rise
Revealing remains of an old kill covered in flies
The fire feels different like the haze over the plain
The distant clouds are signaling, but not for the rain

The scent of a two footed, coming out of the north
Strange and concerning, something yet unknown coming forth
All sensed this coming, except the old two footed ones
How could they not remember which way The Lumi runs?

With time the Lion knew, even the snows would retreat
From the mountain that had once made life’s circle complete
Once debated, it mattered no more which one was king
At the beginning of the end of everything