In A Name

The truth of death is death
But it’s all in how you took your last breath
What led you down that white light path?
So, the truth of death is not such simple math
When there’s a badge and a gun involved

I continue to purge my naivete
With the understanding of those that pay
For the heavy boot of a uniform
And no shelter from a constant storm
Another body bag of the unresolved

When you started that stop with attitude
You knew that humanity wouldn’t intrude
How can one human be so inhumane
To another human in a vortex of pain
Who ever said that we’ve evolved?

They say the coverup is worse than the act
But when death is the result, I doubt that fact
Murder or neglect, yielded the same result
Then welcome the family to the cruel insult
And call red blue and say it’s solved

Perjury, games, and a slap on the wrist
The hearts of a family do fatally twist
While the waltz of power’s in full display
And little changes at the end of the day
But continue to say her name, Sandra Bland
Until real change comes
For she was a fellow human, damn it
With so much more life to live

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