Hoping for Some Positive Change in 2019

As 2018 wraps up with a partial government shutdown by children who would rather posture than solve, here are some wishes for 2019. Also, I would like to apologize for insulting children, but there is no appropriate term for these so-called leaders.

With 2019 just around the corner there is much to be pessimistic about regarding our government. Politicians all throw tantrums while accusing all others of throwing tantrums and speak in meaningless drivel on how they will fight for us, or at least some particular segment of us that they want to separate out.

So, I guess my first wish for 2019 is for our political people to spend more time solving and less time fighting and do so in a collaborative way. We have seen time after time that when one side does something one sided, the other side just undoes it when they get back in power. Use the recent Criminal Justice Reform legislation as an example of what can be done if they really try. Please try.

Second, I wish we would stop demonizing everyone that has differing opinions. There are too many truly evil people in the world, so it is counterproductive to unintelligently expand the “evil” definition to everyone that may have said something at some point that we disagree with. If we listen and have a back and forth discussion, we improve understanding and can hopefully improve the human condition. That would be nice.

Third, I wish we would stop, or at least cut down on the use of “social media.” It is neither social nor media. It is technology that decreases thought and understanding. I picture a revisionist scene from the film Network, where people get up, go to their windows, open them and yell, “I am mad as hell and I am not going to Tweet/Post anymore.”

Fourth, I wish that the authorities would work to end institutionalized corruption and mistreatment of minorities and stop covering for their own members that are clearly not worthy to be in charge of anything, let alone carry a badge and gun. This will require courageous leadership. Not holding breath.

Fifth, since the alarm bells keep sounding about the plight of our planet, I wish that we all could come together to figure out a path forward that makes logical sense to reduce global pollution. This will be hard as I can’t even begin to imagine what that would be. I would be fine with returning to the simple farm life, going minimalist so to speak, but I doubt that would be a popular solution with the social media crusaders.

These are all problems above my pay grade so to speak, but I just thought of my biggest wish of all for 2019 which is something I was talking to a cab driver about earlier last year in Key West. She said, “We (Key West people) don’t care what you believe, what religion you are, what sexual orientation you are, what color your skin is, we like people that are kind to each other.”

So, my biggest wish for 2019 is that we all would be more kind to each other. Maybe that would help solve some of the above problems. Happy New Year.

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