Another Brick in the Wall

The President’s and House and Senate leader’s recent televised addresses to the nation pretty much sums up why Americans don’t think much of politicians.

All say they are for border security, but none are ready to actually make it happen in a reasonable bi-partisan way. The hypocrisy and stupidity put on display is utterly breathtaking, or as politicians explain it, just another day at the office.

It all seems to be about “The Wall.” We are lost in a sea of semantics (how’s that for alliteration!), is it a wall, barrier, fence, who really knows. Maybe it’s useful to take a look back at some great walls from the past.

We have the awe-inspiring Great Wall of China, originally built to protect against invasions from various groups outside of China. Not sure how effective it was but it still looks amazing. Maybe a wall on the southern border modeled after that would at least be a big tourist draw.

There were the walls around Jericho. It was a great protection but had one serious flaw that could make it a poor choice for Trump to model his wall after. The walls of Jericho were apparently susceptible to being destroyed by marching bands with brass sections, so maybe rule that one out.

Next, we could look at the Berlin Wall. It was said to have been pretty effective, but there were many claims and counter-claims as to what its purpose actually was. Not only did they build a wall, they also erected a parallel fence to boot, a double whammy.

There was travel through the wall at guarded checkpoints but those were staffed by Russians (they called them Soviets back then). Maybe this is part of the Russian collusion plot, to ease the burden of our border guards by having our wall staffed by Russians. We’ll have to wait for the Mueller probe to know for sure. Besides, didn’t a popular Republican want that one torn down?

Then there is The Wall by Pink Floyd which brings up a very important question. Since Trump keeps calling his wall, The Wall, can it be stopped by members of Pink Floyd (or whomever owns the rights to that album) if they file copyright infringement claims? Just asking.

And I guess we’re turning the catchphrase from Field of Dreams “Build it and they will come,” into “Build it and they will stop coming?” All this wall business is oh so complicated and as history shows may not be effective or dare I say moral?

Growing up in the suburbs we had short chain link fences around our properties with gates that were pretty much unnecessary, at least for us kids, as we preferred jumping the fences anyway. Eventually though, our society decided to become less neighborly and the free market responded with the invention of the “privacy fence.”

Maybe everyone would like it better if we just called it a comprehensive privacy fence. But seriously, it’s pretty annoying that we have critical issues like illegal immigration that our so-called leaders refuse to tackle. I guess it’s just another brick in their wall of ineptitude.

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