Is It Any Wonder?

Sure gridlock, partisan bickering, and constant finger pointing from our government is annoying, but it should come as no surprise. Just start at the beginning and follow the “dough.”

In looking at the Federal Government it’s easy to see a stacked deck against meaningful accomplishment. First, those running for office need money (“dough”) and they become beholden to those with plenty of it to finance their campaigns even before they raise their hands to take the oath of office.

Second, although the percentage is declining, there are far too many lawyers in Congress. They are trained by nature to fight and win, regardless of their client’s guilt or innocence. This translates to fight and win in Congress, regardless of a bill’s actual worthiness.

They are also accustomed to making closed room deals that may not be in the best interest of justice, which translates in the political world to making deals with special interest groups at the expense of the American people.

Third, even the most idealistic and best intentioned newly elected members of Congress are thrown into a corrupted system that will either chew them up or have them incorporate themselves into the lobbyist run system. As Senator Payne once told Jefferson Smith, in order to get anything done, “I’ve had to play ball.” Yes, that is a movie, but a very spot on portrayal of the Senate. When it first was screened in Washington DC, politicians reportedly walked out enraged and threatened action against the film industry. “Dough” is the fuel that runs politics.

Fourth, politicians always talk about bi-partisanship and cooperation but that’s all lip service, from both sides of the aisle because they’re in exclusive clubs that require loyalty for membership. Behind closed doors, threats are made for stepping out of line.

Before his death Senator McCain sunk the GOP’s healthcare efforts on principle, because the Republicans were doing exactly what they accused the Democrats of doing, shoving legislation through with no input or support for the other side. He was viciously attacked by President Trump and many from his own party.

Today House Democrats are going all “Nixonian” on their own members for daring to vote their conscience and in the best interests of their constituents. They are making lists of those that step out of line as candidates for future retribution.

Fifth, the minute politicians take office, they begin to see all potential legislation through the lens of something called re-election. It’s rarely, if ever, “what is best for the country?” It’s instead, “how do I best position myself to keep power?” Sure, politics sounds like a good career. They play by different rules than everyone else, lobbyists want to lavish them with stuff (with a catch of course). They have staff that can read everything they are supposed to vote for or against, so they don’t have to.

They get paid better than most Americans, so of course they want to keep their jobs once they get there to continue to “serve” the people, and of course that takes financing, which comes from special interests that need things in return, that will bring us back to “dough.”

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