From the Russia Investigation, With Love

Russia interfered with and continues to interfere with our election process. They are a threat to our system of government. The necessary and important investigation of that fact has morphed into a carnival sideshow.

A major point that is absent from any and all talk of the Russia Investigation is the planning for and taking of necessary corrective actions to end or at least limit Russia’s ability to interfere in our election processes now and in the future. What we have reduced the issue down to is one side wanting to either topple the President and/or cripple their ability to govern and the other side going all out to defend that same President.

Hello, Earth to Democrats and Republicans, the person in the office comes and goes every four to eight years. The institutions that are the backbone of our way of life are what need to be preserved and strengthened, and that is not done by tainting investigations with partisan bickering and spin.

This is not to say that the Russia investigation is not important. Just the opposite, it is critical. But it needs to be handled in a 9/11 commission kind of manner, where we spend more time on fixing things for the future and less time on political retribution and partisan attacks from both sides. If there’s one thing that politicians have perfected, it’s short-sighted vengeance “oversight”.

When either party is in power, they defend spending time on investigations over legislation by using the old line, “We can walk and chew gum at the same time.” Being an observer for many years, I would conclude that the Congress does a poor job at both, even when attempted individually. The House can’t seem to hold closed hearings without immediately leaking everything soon afterwards and public hearings are used for shameless self-aggrandizement.

The Senate manages to do a slightly better job of acting like adults, but even there, you have the co-chairs of the Intelligence Committee looking at the same information and coming to polar opposite conclusions regarding Russian collusion. If there is collusion, we need to know, but we also need to have confidence that we are getting the facts, and that is doubtful from politicians that seem all too interested in defending or attacking the President at the expense of fighting foreign interference with our elections.

So, it seems that the soon to be completed Russia investigation is asking for some much-needed love. We need conclusions that are fact based and useful in ensuring the future integrity and confidence in our election process. We need to drop all partisan targeting and let the chips fall where they may. No, really, not the lip service garbage from politicians, but instead, the facts, as painful as they may be, regardless of which persons or party they may affect.

This is not about attacking or defending a President. This is about the long-term survival of our electoral system, which is the backbone of our system of government and of our country. Some adults in Congress (if there are any left) need to step up to the plate, before it’s too late.

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