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Every day it seems there is another “crisis” announced by politicians wanting something, whether it be a vote, maybe to fundamentally change our system of government or to build a “big, beautiful wall.”

Winston Churchill is quoted as saying “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Far too often, both sides of the political spectrum accuse the other side of using crises for political gain, and, far too often, both sides are correct. But what about those times when no crises exist, and we still want to get people fired up? Easy, just make up a crisis.

In the 2016 campaign, then candidate Trump, promised his minions a big beautiful wall if he were elected. Well, much to the consternation of many, he did get elected. Not only that, he had majorities in both the House and the Senate to boot. Getting one of his main promises in place should have been a breeze, but coming into the midterm election, still no wall. In the midterms he lost the House, so not a “single dollar” would be coming for his wall.

That is, unless there was a crisis at the border. Cue the “invasion” and the declaration of a “crisis” to enable the President to circumvent the Congressional power of the purse in order to fund the wall. We shall see how that plays out in the courts.

Now the Democrats didn’t like losing the 2016 Presidential election and seemed surprised that their candidate hanging out with Katy Perry and other celebrities was not as an effective use of her campaign time as, let’s say, visiting the troubled rust belt states. But hey, we now have another “crisis” called the Electoral College. It needs to be abolished asap. Sure, it’s worked since the country was founded, but the Democrats don’t want to be bothered with having to visit where real people live.

Then there is the Russia investigation, which has prompted various politicians and news outlets to be declaring constitutional “crises” every other day for the past two years. Pay no attention to the fact that the systems were in place and working to sort it all out, just some patience and non-partisan thinking required, which in the end, proved impossible. Yes, there was also that “crisis” of the “Deep State.” If Mueller was part of the “Deep State,” how could he be fair to President Trump warned the Republicans until, never mind, Mueller found no collusion.

We should not forget about the Supreme Court “legitimacy crisis.” The court has already overturned Roe v Wade and are busy destroying the country and we need term limits and dozens of more justices added immediately. Oh wait, they haven’t overturned Roe v Wade and their decisions (although I do not agree with all of them) seem to be grounded in the Constitution and not to political partisan whims.

I can see why the stress level is up for all those who are buying in to the constant “crisis” declarations. It reminds me of the fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf. I hope we can remain prepared for a real crisis and not the illusions conjured up by both parties for political expediency.


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