The Balancing Act

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A healthy earth is an earth in balance. We humans like to, well, unbalance everything.

We talk a good game. We strive for a balanced diet, a balanced schedule, a balance between work and play and so on. Our quest for balance often gets lost in translation. We go on fad diets that eliminate balance and we work extra hours (often by necessity) which eliminates balance. We don’t get enough sleep, we binge drink, binge watch, supersize, over accessorize and spend way too much time on electronic devices. In short, balance often goes out the window when our feet first hit the floor in the morning.

It seems the only thing we really want balance in are the tires on our pollution producing cars that contribute to a climate out of balance. The struggle, or lack there of, is not just on the personal level. We have one single company that dictates what we find when we search for something on the internet. We have Amazon and Walmart that dictate pretty much everything that we buy. We have a government run by extremes that are fighting, not to accomplish needed tasks, but instead to tip the scales of power in one direction or the other, thus keeping the country perpetually out of balance.

Instead of believing that “balance is better”, we continually believe that “bigger” and “more” is better. Bigger buildings, bigger companies, bigger government, bigger cities, bigger walls, more fossil fuels, more development, more parking, more roads. Whatever it is, we’re selling more of it and the bigger version.

When it comes to the environment, we are losing the balancing act as well. Typically, species adapt to their surrounding environments or die off in the natural selection process. Balance is maintained. Humans are the exception. We have the unique ability to change our environment to suit our wants and needs. We divert waterways, deforest entire regions, and destroy habitats of other species to make way for an increase in ours. These activities steadily build imbalances in our environment. How much can the earth absorb? Many in science think the limit is quickly approaching.

Not to be overshadowed in the out of balance competition, we also have imbalanced population growth, due to many factors, including ever advancing medicine keeping people alive longer. The world’s population over the age of 60 is projected to top 1.4 billion by the year 2030. Now I am not against medicine and I follow doctor’s orders, but I do sometimes wonder what the point is of arbitrarily making us all live longer. What is the end game? Elimination of death itself? And look at the rise it gives to other horrible diseases like Alzheimer’s, now approaching epidemic proportions according to recent studies.

These are just some of the many consequences, often unintended, of our keen ability for creating imbalance within the world we call home. Just as with a balanced diet chart or graph, we can chart a path to restoring a more balanced healthier earth. But would we follow through? Our future, it would seem, hangs in the balance.

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