Under the Shade Trees

I once lived there, under the shade of those trees
Peaceful and happy, never hurting anyone or anything
Why do you say these vile and evil things about me?
You know not what you speak, or whom you speak it for

We do not have the means to wage war that you have
And so, we move like the wind, but neither here nor there
I hope you enjoyed the shade of the trees you took
No, I truly do. At least before you cut them all down

Wisdom is discounted, no, rather ignored by you
I understand that you practice the great science
Which is the art of thinking you know more than you do
Is this what gives you the right to take and to destroy?

No matter, we must move again with the dust-soaked wind
Another of us disappears with each time worn day
I am weary of the endless absurdity of this forced trek
Soon too, I will move with the wind no more forever