A Few Thoughts on 2020, For What It’s Worth

There’s something happening here, and what it is ain’t exactly clear. Yes, those are lyrics from Stephen Stills, but they sure are sounding topical again.

Both the Right and Left, Republicans and Democrats, are now limiting their vocabulary to what I will call extreme speak. It is becoming harder to stay out of either the fascist label or the socialist label, as if coming up with differing labels for totalitarianism makes one or the other OK.

As the 2020 presidential campaign kicks into high gear, the plethora of candidates are, with few exceptions, working hard to out radicalize the others. I must admit, free healthcare, college and who knows what else sounds appealing. Actually, I worked my tail off and paid my own way through college, so can I get a refund? And, will the pro-choice party give us choices with the free items? For example, if I forgo free healthcare, can I get a free house instead? Shelter is fairly important, so I would think that would be higher on our rights than healthcare and food as well. If we have the “right” to healthcare, we most certainly have the “right” for the government to provide us with a free house and free food.

But I digress. This election is about beating the wicked Donald Trump to save America from becoming a fascist dictatorship, even if it takes making America a socialist dictatorship with equally limited rights to do it. The plan is to overhaul every aspect of how government works, and how officials are chosen, to never have to worry about losing an election again. And, the oh so wonderful and honest “Big Brother” Federal Government will take care of us by micro-managing every aspect of our lives. Thanks, but no thanks.

Unfortunately, the only thing considered worse than President Trump in the current environment is compromise and working together to solve problems. Candidates don’t even bother to pay lip-service to working across the aisle anymore, unless its Joe Biden, who awkwardly cites segregationists as the model for who to work with. Oops. He couldn’t have just mentioned John McCain and left it at that?

President Trump should, in theory, be easy to beat. He continually acts clownish, and the few intelligent people he had in his administration are mostly gone. But the Democrats will probably make it interesting by continuing to show disdain for anyone not living in a New York or California zip code. I look at the current landscape and can’t help but wonder how we got here? It is easy to point a finger at Trump, but he is more of a symptom than a cause.

This has been a slow creep over decades of power-hungry politicians lazily pandering to the fringes, a complicit media that earns higher ratings by stoking conflict, and us sheep, that continually excuse our own side’s bad behaviors. The presidency of Donald Trump has us at a tipping point that both sides need to pull back from. I wish we would wake up and do the right thing, but to quote Stephen Stills once again, “nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong.”

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