Jeffrey Epstein’s death calls into question whether his victims will obtain the justice they deserve.

Jeffrey Epstein’s recent apparent suicide left much of the world wondering how such a high profile “suspect” could be so mismanaged by the prison system and the Department of Justice. His death also left some elites possibly breathing a sigh of relief and left a trail of victims robbed of receiving their day in court.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr is pledging to get to the bottom of what happened in his death, and the circumstances are ripe for the picking when it comes to conspiracy theories. On suicide watch, then off suicide watch; signing last-minute wills; left alone without any eyes on him. It makes one think that just maybe some people in high places needed a problem to go away. Like many other occurrences in our history, it calls into question whether we can trust our institutions, our leaders, and even the mainstream media.

When the Epstein case came back into focus in the past year, largely thanks to the excellent and tenacious reporting of Julie K. Brown, other news outlets were only focusing on certain political figures perhaps connected to Epstein, not on concerns for his actual victims and his inner circle’s disgusting abuse of underage and vulnerable women. Instead, Fox News connected Epstein and Clinton, while everyone else connected Epstein and Trump.

With Brown, we are lucky that there are still investigative reporters who are willing to take on the rich and powerful, and that there are victims willing to face their fears and possible retribution for telling their stories to the world.

It is clear that, as in the case of Harvey Weinstein, there were many powerful elites who had to have known what was going on, but, enamored with power, turned a blind eye to this long term abuse. In the case of Jeffrey Epstein, there were not only many powerful men who potentially were participants in these sexual assaults, but there was also an inner circle of people who enabled and facilitated these crimes. This inner circle included many women, with much of the focus being placed on Ghislaine Maxwell, who is accused of being Epstein’s recruiter in finding the vulnerable women and girls who were drawn into Epstein’s world of serial sex abuse. Some inner circle participants (or maybe all) would not be saddened by his death, and may even feel relieved that he is gone.

At a press conference following Epstein’s death, U.S. Attorney General Barr stated that Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirators “should not rest easy.” These are big words coming amidst the firestorm raised immediately after the suicide. Will there be follow-through? Or will this all go away once the media loses interest and moves on to the next big Trump scandal (say Ukraine and impeachment)? Fortunately, not if Julie K. Brown has anything to say about it.

Unfortunately, Epstein’s victims were denied the chance to face him directly in court, but they may still have a chance to receive a suitable degree of justice.

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