The Politics of Personal Destruction and Congresswoman Katie Hill

Both sides want to end the politics of personal destruction, except of course, when it benefits their own side.

“The politics of personal destruction” is a phrase originating from conservatives that characterize how Democrats personally demonize anyone that they disagree with. Of course, we know that this tactic, broadly has and continues to be used by both sides when it is convenient for them, and calls for ending such attacks flow freely, also by both sides, all while each is hypocritically continuing to use such attacks.

Sadly, it’s kind of like watching a wildlife documentary where predators keep a watchful eye on a group of potential prey, just waiting for the next opportunity for a kill, only in this political game, there is also the never ending seeking out of revenge. Anytime we foolishly think that such political attacks cannot possibly get worse, they always somehow do.

Many of these political “hit jobs” come from fringe websites like in the recent attacks on Katie Hill, the (soon to be former) Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California’s 25th district. Why would she specifically be under attack at this time? Is it because of her work before running for Congress with helping the homeless population? Is it because of her work as a first term congresswoman on the House Armed Services Committee or more likely her work on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, for which she is (was) the vice chair?

Nothing in her background, particularly, stands out as a reason that she would be the target of such a vicious smear campaign and inexcusable invasion of privacy, with the exception that she is a woman, and she just happens to have run and was elected as an openly bisexual member of Congress.

So, there we have it. Because Congresswoman Hill dares to be open about her sexuality and is a woman in power, her private life is actively being violated and exploited for a political hit job. It would appear that she does have a complicated private life, but who doesn’t? That is not an excuse for what she is having to endure currently.

It also appears that there was the potential that she may have violated House rules with the emphasis on “may have.” That possibility was and should have been handled within Congress, and any potential violations do not excuse, in any way, invading someone’s private life and publishing, without consent, private photos (“revenge porn”) and intimate information.

What was and is being done to Congresswoman Hill is, at best, an underhanded political take-down, and, at worst, a vile personal biphobic attack, and an invasion of privacy that both sides of the aisle should find appalling and unacceptable.

Sadly, she has announced her resignation from Congress, ending, too soon, a promising future serving her country. Proper channels and discretion were the appropriate means to ensure that the Congresswoman had followed House rules. Her private life, including her sexuality are her business alone and we should all offer support for her and anyone subjected to these kinds of attacks.

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