Never Give an Inch: The Impeachment Conundrum

When you have one group of clowns trying to impeach another clown, it is really no surprise that the public is split on the impeachment question.

The President of the United States may have abused his power and may have attempted a shakedown of a foreign government for political gain, or he may have been conducting business as usual in Washington and is being called out by insiders who do not like the President. It’s really kind of hard to know which it is since the Democrats running the freak show don’t seem much better than Trump.

So far, there is a whistle blower who, for some reason is now no longer needed, a transcript (in fact a partial summary) of a “perfect” phone call (maybe Ernestine can weigh in), and many witnesses who had “concerns” over the President’s behavior as if they had never watched Celebrity Apprentice before. Add to a mix that only Mack Sennett could dream up, Congressman Schiff and his merry band searching for the all magical quid pro quo, as if it’s the Holy Grail being sought after in a mystical land controlled by the knights who say “ni!”

It would also have been an enormous help for clarity if the President had not been accused of a new democracy-ending “probable” impeachable offence every week (sometimes everyday) since his inauguration. Also, why has seemingly every committee in the House of Representatives needed to be working on this? Wasn’t there one committee, from the start, that Speaker Pelosi could appoint to spearhead the investigation, and while she’s at it, have it led by someone who maybe has some credibility as an impartial arbiter of the process?

One would think that the party attempting to remove a sitting President heading into an election year would want as much bipartisan buy-in as possible, and as much support from Independents and even current Trump Republican supporters as possible. Unfortunately, in this hyper-partisan age, no one seems to care about being reasonable on either side of the aisle. The politicians and press seem bent on accelerating towards an impasse that may irreparably damage if not altogether break our Republic. As stated in a recent New York Times headline, neither side is willing to give an inch.

The current environment is like two siblings who are mad at each other, with one picking on the other and the other wanting desperately to get the one in big trouble with the parents. I guess in this case, we the people, are the parents. We cannot, unfortunately, rely on either the Republicans or the Democrats (squabbling siblings) for the truth regarding whether the President should be impeached.

I do not mean to make light of the seriousness of the matter, except for the absurdity of the actions of both parties. There may very well be a need to remove a sitting president, but not based on the current process and behavior coming from the Congress and the President. For both there is no absence of malice, but there is most certainly an absence of leadership.

Yes, Speaker Pelosi, this is indeed a sad time.

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