A Tale of Two Impeachments

For evidence of how fractured our country is, one need look no further than the IIP (impeachment in progress) of President Trump.

For Democrats and the left leaning media, every witness is unflappable, Cronkite like, bastions of truth, puppies and apple pie. Their testimony is uniformly “devastating,” and full of “bombshells,” and “game changers.”

Because Trump is a disruptor of the entrenched bureaucratic status quo, these witnesses obviously do not like Trump, and, according to Democrats, are getting their feelings hurt, which now is an impeachable offense.

The witnesses feel “threatened” and “uncomfortable” because their boss didn’t like them. Yes, I can imagine for career government employees that have never had to deal with the real world, Trump must be quite a shock on the system.

For Republicans and Fox News, every witness serves at the pleasure of the President, and are tainted by their “never Trumper” biases, or even worse, are part of the “deep state” and “swamp” that Trump is trying to clean up. They decry sour grapes by the Democrats not being able to get over losing an election and being “so worried” that they cannot beat Trump again, that they need to “unconstitutionally” remove Trump from office.

They take comfort, for example, in the “quick takedown” of the former ambassador by the House GOP during recent testimony. They boast that the American people will see through these baseless claims and not be swayed by the latest “witch hunt.”

The public opinion has remained relatively split, although with the 24-7 negative coverage, it has been trending against Trump and the Republicans. Unfortunately for Democrats, the term “quid pro quo” is not moving the needle enough and, based on focus group feedback, the Democrats and the Press have now started using the term, “bribery,” as it polls better than “shake down,” or “quid pro quo.”

Both of these sides, which reside in vastly different universes, have dug in and continue to function as if there is no possibility that the other side could have any valid points whatsoever, as if there are two parallel universes where their own unique “realities” are created, maintained and protected. We the people are either in one universe or the other, and if not, the pressure is always applied to pick one and enter.

Many colleagues, friends and family are already in one or the other universes, and it is interesting to listen to their conversations and how disparate their views are. I am invited and sometimes pressed to pick one and join, but I cannot bring myself to leave the true reality that I know, which is much more convoluted and messy than their tidy we’re right and they’re wrong set of beliefs.

I will choose to remain in the real world, where people struggle to make ends meet every day, where there is still, sadly, unnecessary gun violence, where people are going without healthcare, and where people just want a chance to work and a chance to live a decent life and contribute to their families and to society at large, and, where Republicans and Democrats still fail to understand that.

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