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The initial impeachment hearings have wrapped up, and it seems that Russia is still wreaking havoc in the United States.

We have an election coming up with “weak” candidates (and maybe one “Russian asset”), an impeachment in progress for a “corrupt” president, a significant portion of elected officials actually believing tearing down our democratic systems in the name of “democracy” is a good idea, and college campuses thinking that banning thought and speech is just and right. As might be heard in a Charlie Brown special, “Boy, are we stupid.”

Putin must be in great spirits heading into the holiday season. He and his intelligence services have managed to keep the ping-pong alternating beliefs about Russia going for a long time now. Romney warns Russia is dangerous. Obama and Clinton have a good laugh about that. Then Clinton looses her pre-ordained presidency and Russia is evil and dangerous again for the Democrats, but now the Republicans go on the defense of Russia as a way to combat the attacks from the Democrats. Oh, and Bernie and company preach how wonderful socialism is, forgetting Putin wants another U.S.S.R., one of those s’s being Socialist.

If this was a fiction film, it would be laughed at as an implausible plot! I believed right from the start after the 2016 election, if the Democrats and Republicans would have come together and said, we are not trying to change an election or assess blame, but let’s unite together against the threat of Russia, and hold a joint investigation that protects our future elections and puts Russia on notice that they have failed to tear our united bonds apart, what a different and better place we would be in right now.

Instead, Democrats wanted to make Russia all about finding a way to get rid of Trump, without really caring much about Russian threats and Republicans wanted to protect Trump at any cost, even if it meant downplaying or ignoring the Russian threat. Mission accomplished Russia! That started the false argument on the Republican side that No Collusion meant all Russian interference was a hoax vs the Democratic side that Russian interference equaled Trump as a Russian asset. And so, we continue to wage the partisan war instead of defending ourselves against meddling in 2020. Shame on both parties.

So now we have the impeachment. The bottom line for me is that what the Democrats claim sounds exactly like something Trump would do, but as a defensive investigation counterattack against the “deep state” in his mind, not for “finding dirt on his political enemies.”

Again, the only true winner in a Trump impeachment is Russia. They will have successfully changed how our leaders are replaced, no longer with elections, but with political impeachments, that further divide and weaken the United States. I am not absolving Trump for clearly something that is wrong and unacceptable, but we must find a way to get beyond this unique situation and unite against the true enemy. So, censure Trump, then bury the hatchet and start to mend fences, get back to work, and beat him in 2020.

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