The China Syndrome

Recent revelations about camps in China are terrifying. Are the seeds of these camps already operating in the United States?

In another major blow to the myth of the virtues of true socialism, the revelations of the Chinese internment camps are part dystopian nightmare, part cautionary tale, and, unfortunately, part reality of the times we live in.

Think about it. In today’s times, there is a large, modern country, that has secretly (formerly secretly) placed over one million of its citizens in internment camps, or whatever you want to call them.

This country has not been attacked by anyone, they are not in the middle of a major war, they just don’t like divergent thoughts or beliefs from their people. That is not to excuse the atrocity of what the United States did during World War Two, but merely to provide context of where the world is now, compared to 1942.

The Chinese government claims that these camps are actually vocation skills education and training centers, but the uncovered documents show otherwise, and that an extreme emphasis was placed on protecting against escapes. I wasn’t aware of just how unpopular vocational training centers were.

Seriously though, this is scary stuff, something written about in science fiction novels. They will say the results have proven effective in limiting extremist Muslim violence in China, but first-hand accounts show that just about any sign of practicing religion not “recommended” by the government, or any evidence of religious devotion will land someone in one of these “camps” to receive some “vocational training.”

What the camps are is mass incarceration of citizens in order to systematically reprogram their thinking to agree with whatever the government tells them to agree with. This is certainly one area where we could stand with Muslim countries around the world and find some common ground against such atrocities.

A question this brings to mind is the possibility of this happening here. Yes, Trump, he should certainly be the one to fear. Or is he the only one? Currently we have college campuses that no longer promote an exchange of different and sometimes opposing ideas.

Instead they limit, or eliminate altogether the ready acceptance of free speech and, more and more, actual classes are designed to re-program students into “thinking correctly” about the world, as determined by the elite academics. You know, the same ones that extol the virtues of socialism.

No, I think, this must certainly be an overreaction. And then, I think of the continued conversations I have with my liberal friends and family, including even over this Thanksgiving holiday (I know, never discuss politics over Thanksgiving).

During the course of these conversations, there is always dropped in at some point the belief that people only disagree with left leaning views because they are “stupid” or “uneducated,” and that they simply need the “correct education.”

Hmm, that sounds eerily similar to what is going on in a certain other country. Maybe controlling thought and speech is becoming trendy, but I think I’ll say no thank you, at least while I’m still permitted to.

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