Old and in the Way

Yes, Jerry Garcia, I know, I know
But you must admit
It’s a good line
One that bears repeating and re-use

Maybe it’s just in the twilight
That one understands
That there’s no last gleaming
That was gone long ago

It takes age to realize
That no one wants old
Because as Jerry says
We are just in the way

In the way of what?
Who on God’s Green New Deal earth knows?
You need to ask
Your ever so smart phone

I guess it’s all in the eye
Of who knows who
And which beholder
Of the value of age

A sage, full of wisdom
An elder, a respected one
Or, more than likely
The weary Walmart greeter

I guess there’s a devaluation
Of voluminous collected knowledge
Time is accelerating too fast
To learn lessons from the past

Sure, we know all too well
The crash and burn is coming
Some bother to open their mouths
Only to be shouted down

Me, I’m sitting at a bar
And talking to a woman
A once celebrated journalist
Until she got old and in the way

A wealth of knowledge she has to share
And when the bartender asks
Of course, I answer wisely
“I’ll have what she’s having.”

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