Merry Christmas America

Well, it doesn’t look like either party is interested in giving the country any peace and harmony this holiday season.

Democrats are impeaching the President regardless of whether it’s good for the country, Republicans are defending the President, regardless of whether it’s good for the country, and the government bureaucracy can’t be trusted to be honest about anything. How’s that for holiday cheer?

Whether or not you hate Trump or love him, everyone, both parties included, should be deeply concerned with the IG report on the Trump campaign spying, or whatever you choose to call it. The issues raised in the report are not about bias. They are about the fact that the highest law enforcement agency in the land cannot be trusted to follow the core principles that give citizens the due process to which we are constitutionally entitled.

It doesn’t matter if this time it is politically benefiting one political party and hurting the other, or at least it shouldn’t matter. That is what makes this all potentially horrifying. Both parties only care about government abuses if they can gain some political advantage from it.

Our political system is just plain broken, at the Federal level anyway. I cannot find a single McCain type politician on either side of the aisle that would be needed to stand up and scold their own respective parties. Then there are the career civil servants, including law enforcement and the intelligence community. Some get paraded before committees and hailed as heroes by one party and the press. Really?

They are lauded as such heroes not by their actions, but simply because they are saying what one or the other party wants them to say. Now the Washington Post is helping to expose multi-administration spanning incompetence, cover-ups and lies concerning the war in Afghanistan, perpetrated at all levels and by both parties.

It is safe to say that this kind of behavior from our Federal Government is not limited to just the war. This makes all the fuss over a phone call with Ukraine seem rather trivial in comparison. Where is the outrage from Congress?

This is no defense of President Trump’s behavior, but simply a plea for us all to stop missing the forest for the trees. The Federal Government is one of the world’s largest living organisms, all powerful, and by that very definition, it has become, over time, all corrupting.

By nature, organisms attack any and all threats they perceive to the status quo and continued growth of their power. Anyone with the least sense of objectivity and logic, could see this play out in the congressional testimony of witnesses like Colonel Vindman. To him, and others, President Trump is a threat to the status quo of how things are “done” in Washington.

Is Trump corrupt too? Of course he is. But every member of the Federal Government, both elected and non-elected, are an active participant in a corrupt and broken system, and they ALL need to be held accountable. Candidate Elizabeth Warren wants to break up big corrupt organizations. Great! You know where to start.

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