You Say You’ll Change the Constitution

A good constitution is a foundation that may be added to minimally, but should not be radically altered for expediency, lest our Democratic Republic cease to exist.

With the impeachment of the president in full swing, I have never heard so much “love” for the Constitution in all my life. It, of course, comes after much complaining about how the Constitution must be changed to better reflect the modern times we live in. That, to unearth an old term, is a bunch of poppycock.

The founders got a few really key things wrong, but the basic constitution and ground rules for choosing our leaders and governing style were not among their mistakes, and this foundation is as relevant today as it was then, possibly more so. Everyone says we live in dangerous times, and that threats to democracy are around every corner. Well, maybe, but the greatest threats to our democracy are our current politicians who want to change everything anytime one side or the other does not achieve a desired outcome within the current system. Instead of self-reflection and working harder, they want to simply change the rules to make whatever they want easier to accomplish. That is the most dangerous threat to democracy.

Look at where we are headed, just with judges. First, years ago, the Senate Democrats wanted to change the rules and had the votes to do so. They went ahead with a “nuclear option,” against all advice and objection. Then the Republicans upped the “nuclear option” for the Supreme Court, against all advice and objection. Every change has further eroded the need for consensus-building and moderation.

We also are now constantly talking about limiting/eliminating our Bill of Rights because some ignorant or misguided people think that it is “outdated.” Excuse me, but the Bill of Rights was the non-negotiable deal-breaker that started the whole grand experiment, the foundation on which everything is built. You know who else wants to freshen up their constitution? Putin in Russia, to make sure he retains and expands his grip on absolute power.

Are we so blind as to not see that when we start tinkering with the basics, the whole thing will eventually collapse? Are we so dumb as to commit democratic suicide in the name of keeping up with the times? If you didn’t like the last election’s outcome, then campaign in some swing states; don’t destroy the system (electoral college) by pretending you want every vote to count. Again, poppycock.

If you do not like the judges on the Supreme Court, don’t claim justice as the reason we need to trash what we have and start over. Instead, go back to the rules that worked so well to build consensus for the selections in the first place. The only issue with the Supreme Court (if there really is any) is from the rule changes in the Senate confirmation process that both parties messed up.

To those who want to change the Constitution, please spend the time on something important, like freeing your mind instead. Maybe then everything with our Democratic Republic will be alright.

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  1. Parallels again with the U.K. Brexit vote where politicians and so called elites undermined a democratic vote to leave the EU for 3.5 years! But the people sorted these lefties out once we had a general election, but their undermining of democracy via hypocrisy, divisiveness and pessimism goes on and on and on …..

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