The Death of Truth in the Afternoon

Each afternoon during the impeachment trial, I was reminded of the fragility of truth.

Forget “General Hospital,” the Impeachment Trial of Donald John Trump, as some of the networks titled it (as if he wasn’t president), was must-see TV almost every afternoon. Each side had their turns to spin, or in many cases, shred the truth. Because of the shameful behavior of both parties and the mishandling of the process, it is no wonder that people do not know what to believe, and the public opinion needle didn’t really move based on the Impeachment process.

If you hated Trump when he got elected, you believed everything the Democrats did was perfect and there were no issues with Biden’s son getting a boatload of money from influential Ukrainians at the same time that then-Vice President Biden was heading up US policy on Ukraine. If you love that Trump got elected, you believed that the process was a complete “hoax” perpetrated by the “deep state,” and that the phone call was “perfect.”

The press, simply continued in their opinion mode, refusing, as usual, to concede that there could be two sides to what the President did, or didn’t, do wrong. It is apparent to any truly independent thinker that they are all part of a corrupt system, and that the phone call was far from perfect, but that the Democrats’ impeachment obsession, that began at the end of 2016, was also far from perfect.  Most disturbing is that no one, including most disturbingly the mainstream media, seemed to be bothered in the slightest that the powers that be, lied and falsified information to obtain surveillance warrants on American citizens.

What the FBI did in the FISA process is inexcusable, but it only seems inexcusable to the press and to Congress if the abuse is directed towards someone they support. So, a truth we did learn during this whole extravaganza of the absurd, is that even the FBI is no longer interested in the truth. They make up their own truth to further whatever investigation they want to pursue at any given time.

Republicans try to point to polls claiming that Americans are tired of Impeachment and are ready for Congress to move on. No, independents at least, were not tired of trying to get to the truth of Trump’s behavior, they just saw the deeply partisan Impeachment process as no means to get there.

The one absolute truth we did learn is that, for all the talk of open minds and fact-seeking regarding the Impeachment, the mind of just about every single member of the House and Senate, was made up before the first hearing opened. I hope to never see any of them serving on jury duty!

While truth may have been killed off in the Impeachment hearings and resulting trial, breathtaking hypocrisy is alive and flourishing in Washington, D.C. It is almost comical to watch politicians on the news shows accusing anyone of hypocrisy, but I guess they are just speaking “their” truth, kind of like Trump.

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