Death Washes Over

“sometimes the abuse endured by a transgender woman is too much…”

On a black angry howling moonless night
Staring at a shot of bourbon, in a dark and stormy dive
With Sheryl Crow on the jukebox singing
“There ain’t nothing like regret, to remind you you’re alive.”
Thinking about that time between the times
She said “Each to their own, we all have a dark side of the moon,
It’s not enough to ever make me stay
Bruised and battered, with blows that strike every day before noon.”
I said, “Stay,” she said “No, I have to go”
You know the kind of scene, like a genderless film noir moment
I don’t know exactly where it went down
The body was never found, and she never had a comment
But death washed over that night

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