J.S. Campbell is an Author and Poet currently seeking representation for their debut completed manuscript, Only a Line Cab Be Straight, part 1 of a stereotype smashing trilogy. Campbell’s publications include the bestselling LGBTQ poetry collection poetry, On Driftwood and Oblivion, the lyrical journey, Reminiscences of My Dead-end Street (available in paperback on Amazon), and several works of short fiction including A Day At The Beach and My Dream House. Campbell’s work has been featured in Virginia’s Best Emerging Poets 2019 Anthology and the Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine.

On the non-fiction front, J.S. Campbell is currently taking a hiatus as a contributing writer for the online news publication, The Latest to focus numerous fiction projects. 

Campbell is an active member of the Poetry Society of Virginia, the Academy of American Poets and The Hemingway Society.

On a personal note, Campbell resides in Virginia and loves music, reading, film, soccer and rescue dogs.