Way Down South

From On Driftwood and Oblivion

Jaguar spotted trails
Linger, unnoticed
By man’s wasteland
Disturbed machines

Beyond cheese there
Stands the finer arts
But actress Bete
Doesn’t live here anymore

That’s a big damn wall
Water, hold me back
Charred and tethered
Take one from the king

In the gold rush hour
Time stood still
As the rotting corpses
Old and in the way

An emotionless grin
Separated infants
One destined to live
One destined to die

A vanishing act life
On the tearful road
Up from Pedra Branca
The end deceives you

Messages from Pinoty
Poison arrow reply
Peaceful persuasion
Nightmares in the making

Metal birds moan
Then are gone again
Only to return
As blue moons pass on

There is talk of talks
But Sykyry knows better
Her spear tipped eyes whisper
They will come again

And, I’ve already seen that
It doesn’t end well
To be precise
It doesn’t end at all

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