Old and in the Way

Yes, Jerry Garcia, I know, I knowBut you must admitIt’s a good lineOne that bears repeating and re-use Maybe it’s just in the twilightThat one understandsThat there’s no last gleamingThat was gone long ago It takes age to realizeThat no one wants oldBecause as Jerry …

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Ten Bears

We were the Green True Deal
You were the blight upon the earth
Ever marching with a vicious zeal
We knew the running water’s worth

We roamed as the harmonious earth turned
At one with the Eagle and Buffalo
You brought thunder as villages burned
And a trail of tears watched the land go

We spoke of peace among the tribes
With eloquence and wisdom’s tongue
You split the tongue with lies of scribes
The ink flowing from your fingers stung

We desired no blood to stain the ground so pure
But purity never once landed upon the shore
We know not what will bring your final cure
But, the songs of Ten Bears are no more

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The Art of the Green New Deal, Part 1

Lots of hype and misinformation from both sides are floating around the Green New Deal, but few facts are to be found. After day upon day of stories and interviews and retractions and conservatives poking fun and Democratic presidential hopefuls climbing aboard the Green New …

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