Some Like it Hot

President Trump and the Republican Party don’t seem to mind the heat.

Unfortunately, both parties do it. On specific issues facing the country, one party is extreme with their solutions and the other party counters, not with better, less extreme ideas, but with mocking attacks of the opponent’s proposed solutions. In the end, what we are left with are two clueless political parties and zero good solutions.

That is exactly how the climate crisis debate is playing out right now. On one side, there are wacky legislators and presidential candidates who are trying to outdo one another for the most extreme unrealistic idea award, and the other side that laughs about their opponent’s proposed solutions and then goes blank-stare silent when asked for their own ideas to solve climate change.

Meanwhile back in the real world, we have new hot zones spreading around the globe. Recent in-depth reporting by The Washington Post lays out disturbing details of portions of the earth’s oceans (hot zones) that are reaching the point of no return in temperature increases leading to die-offs of ocean life.

One of the areas spans over 130,000 square miles of the southern Atlantic Ocean that have heated up at more than 2 degrees Celsius over the last century. This increase is more than twice the global average and the temperature increases are even worse at the “hot zone’s” core.

As the waters warm, currents shift, die-offs increase, algal blooms increase and spread, and the bounty of the sea that provides critical sustenance dwindles. These changes will create massive shifts in environmental and economic conditions and are no laughing matter.

Similar hot zones are also being identified in other waters including in the North Atlantic, North Pacific, South Pacific, and Indian oceans. Scientists believe that these increases, in some cases, may have already crossed a threshold that will lead to irreversible consequences. Whether scientists are right or wrong, exactly, is not the point. The point is that the changes are being noticed by non-academics who live near and depend on these waters.

We don’t have to be a scientist to see with our own eyes that something is fundamentally changing to our planet, and what we can readily observe is not good. This is not a partisan issue, but, like a lot of other non-partisan issues, our leaders make them partisan to the extreme, and nothing gets done, ever!

The Democrats want to scare people into thinking that we will all die unless we create a socialist “utopia” as dictated by the Federal Government, and the Republicans want to scare us into thinking that the Democrats are all crazy and are the enemy. President Trump wants more of that “good old global warming” anytime there is cold weather and to argue about weather maps with the National Weather Service.

I suppose some really do like it hot. Meanwhile, humanity quietly drifts a little further each day towards possible oblivion while we continue to enable both political parties to “fiddle” while the Earth burns, literally.

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