So It Goes, Ode to Vonnegut

Inside life’s zoo, is the catch-22, of a horse now glue,
Losing sight of what’s true, in the great deep blue,
And the turn of the screw, can you give me a clue?
And, so it goes

Tomorrow, today, both in the way,
When the brain turns to clay, someone must pay,
For the mental lay, if you’re not Ray, or you’re not allowed to say
And, so it goes

You lose sight, of what’s true at first light,
But something’s not right, in the heat of the night,
With the mind’s kite, maybe wound too tight, in the afternoon’s delight
And, so it goes

Listen for the boom, if you see the mushroom,
Quick leave the room, erase the chalkboard of gloom,
Experience a joyful doom, come out of the tomb, and enter the womb
And, so it goes

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